Selfridges SUPERSELF campaign

SUPERSELF – This year, we want to help you live a brighter lifestyle by discovering and experimenting with the most innovative, sustainable and fulfilling lifestyles, practices and products. Discover new and unexpected routes to happiness and wellbeing that benefit both you and our planet. With inner well-being as the starting point, the year begins with SuperSelf - an exploration of the self as a work in progress, from a mindset of personal innovation, self-care, positivity and counter-cliche ways to feel good. Let us introduce you to your SuperSelf.​..”

We worked with the wonderful team at Selfridges to make these two super animations for their Superself campaign.

Senior Art Director: Kieren Gallear
Head of Art Direction: Jenna Murray
Head of Design: Jo Glover
Director of Multimedia Creative + Fashion Direction: Rob Hydes
Animation and Sound Design by YONK