My Mochi 'Melt Your Mouth's Mind'

My/Mochi, an American-based ice cream brand, embodies the unique and captivating texture of Mochi through its branding, social media, and advertising. Agile Films and director Jamie Whitby tasked us with bringing the quirky and delightful spirit of the brand to life in the 'Melt Your Mouth's Mind' Campaign.

Using our signature VR sculpting technique, we created playful and dough-like characters that embody the brand's spirit. We paired these characters with 'wiggly' animations and fluffy sculpted type that can be seen on outdoor sites across America and in social media content. Our goal was to harness the unique textural qualities of Mochi and translate them into visually striking and bizarre assets for the campaign.

Director: Jamie Whitby
Vr Sculpting/Character creation/Animation: YONK
Animation and Comp: Sebastian Zaniewski
Agency: Lovers
Produced by Agile Films